Feb 8, 2008

Who needs a nanny? I've got Austin

Austin (2 1/2) is ALWAYS helping me around the house, especially with his little brother DeClan (15 months). Yesterday while washing dishes a not so normal odor was swirling around the room and about to knock me out of the kitchen. I looked down and of course at my feet were Austin and DeClan playing. Do I have to tell where the aroma was coming from?

Me: Austin, DeClan .. please go to my room, so we can change your diapers.

Austin: It's not me Mom (Thank you for pointing out the obvious)

The two of them start walking back to my room, I finished rinsing the dishes and drying my hands. As I make my way to the hallway, Austin greets me with a wipe in hand and says, "Mom, please change DeClan's diaper, his butt stinks!"

Me: Ok, ok, I am on my way (Shaking my head)

Then what do I see in my room on the floor?

DeClan walking around with NO diaper, a diaper sitting just a few feet from him, velcroed nicely shut on one side, with wipes hanging out of the other side. Of course I think surely that is a not a diaper from this morning that I didn't throw away ... I look at DeClan again, he laughs and then Austin laughs and I say, Austin did you change your brother's diaper and he says YES! He did a good job too. He had wiped his brother several times to make sure he was clean and there was nothing left for mom to do, but inspect DeClan's butt, put on a new diaper and laugh, laugh, laugh. This boy did a better job that someone who shall remain nameless ... (ha)

I can only imagine what it looked like while Austin was taking the diaper off and cleaning up his baba. Bonding moment indeed. Brotherly love, it's called brotherly love.


Rosheeda said...

LOL, how funny! That shoulda been a Kodak moment!

Jenn Jenn said...

Yes, I heard the "MeMe" version of this entry last night. Oh my word... :) That's my boy !!! I love all of them, but Austin's got it going on !!!