Feb 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for ................

  • Jesus Christ
  • Eternal life
  • Salvation
  • The ability to pray
  • Devotions
  • Time alone with God
  • God is all knowing
  • God is with me, I am never alone
  • Sound mind
  • Good health
  • A wonderful husband
  • Beautiful children
  • I'm at home with my children
  • Ethan's continued good health
  • Ethan's grades for the semester (4 A's 2 B's)
  • Austin's sponge like learning
  • DeClan's smile (He is so adorable)
  • Our home
  • My 2 sisters and CRAZY brother
  • Life on Life Bible studies at church
  • The battle is NOT mine it is the Lord's
  • We have victory in Jesus
  • Reliable transportation
  • Down time w/ hubby
  • My inlaws
  • A REALLY, REALLY great church
  • Weekends
  • Friends who really care
  • It starting to look like we are going on vacation in the Spring
  • We ARE being blessed with a big surprise in June
  • Clean water
  • Cool weather
  • A good hair day
  • A choice of 5 always clean grocery stores w/i 5 minutes of my house
  • Coupons
  • Rebates
  • really good food, good fun and laughter
  • Movie night
  • The 2 of you who read my blog .... ok all 3 of you

I will be praying for things as well, but wanted to give my Father praise ... a lot of these things I have taken for granted and do not want to do that anymore.

If you have a prayer request, email me offline and know that I will pray specifically for you before next Thursday.

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