Feb 6, 2008

Shopping On-Line

Shannon over at Rocks in my dryer hosts "Works for me Wednesday" and this is my first time to post and link in for all the fun. Read my post and then hop on over here to find more great recommendations for places to save and spend some money.

When I am able to shop, I absolutely love it, but getting out with 3 boys, a double stroller, a large baby bag and attitudes by the time we get out of the car and finally in the mall (mostly mine), I have learned online shopping can be a way to relieve some stress AND save some gas.

It is SO hard to find just the right outfit for the boys. I do not want them looking like little men, but really cute boys. I have done a ton of research and have found much success with The Children's Place, The Gap, Old Navy and when it is time to dress up, Janie and Jack.

When I am shopping for me, D or something for the house, I like
QVC, Coach and Overstock.com.

When I need a gift, I like
Red Envelope.

Don't know what to do with all the pictures you have and scrapbooking seems too overwhelming? Try
this. I have NOT ordered anything yet, but I AM making plans. Oh boy! This is the BEST find in a long time.

For gourmet snacks (A luxury), I love
Popcorn Papa and Selma's Cookies. At Easter and Christmas we have the best Turkey ever .. ever .. from here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Amy Wyatt said...

Planning to check some of these out. I left something for you over at my site. Come on over.