Jan 30, 2008

The words .. they have escaped me

There has been so much going on here this week. Good things and some not so good things, but MANY things. I have been wanting to write it all down and share with the 3 of you who read my blog, but there is so much. I have not been able to gather my thoughts and have it all make sense in an entry, BUT HERE GOES!

God IS a healer
God loves me
Jesus died on the cross for me and YOU, he didn't have to, but He did
Even when I am at my lowest, I can always look UP and look to HIM
Even when I do not understand what is going on, God does and He knew before I did ..
God ALWAYS answers prayer. Yes, always. It may not be the way I want Him too, but He does
God answers are YES, NO and NOT YET
I am my husband's companion - no one else should have that position
I need to go to bed WAY earlier than I do
I need to stay in bed even when I wake up in the middle of the night
Even though I surround myself with praise music and Christian TV, I still need MY time with God
I need to pray more and listen for God's instruction
I need to say I love you more to those I truly care about
You can never say thank you enough
Write, NOT EMAIL more thank you notes and letters.
I should balance my checkbook better, thank God He is Jehovah Jireh, my provider
I should not ride on fumes, they do not last as long as you think
I need to decrease and let Him increase more in my life
The order for my home is God, husband, kids, THEN other things .. sometimes I get confused
I need to be a better friend
I need to stop comparing

These are all things I know and it is nothing new, but ..... I miss my parents, a man died at 45 this week, he left behind a wife and three young daughters, a friend's mom was rushed to emergency because she has too much fluid around her heart, a young girl was killed by her former boyfriend because he was jealous, someone close to me is in the process of losing her home, people in THIS country are hungry everyday, rice & beans and cornbread DO make a difference, another friend's dad was on death's door and in less than 72 hours, he is walking out of the hospital HEALED, Ethan made 4As and 2 Bs for the first semester! We paid off a credit card! I have a wonderful marriage, a fellow blogger has been dealing with a tumor and now she is praising God it is no longer there! On and on and on.

At every turn there were things to pray for and then things to praise Him for. I do not understand, but it is not for me to understand, God's word IS clear ..
Proverbs 3:5,6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight (NIV)


Jenn Jenn said...

I think your words came through in this entry better than you think. We as God's children have to remember that our ways aren't His, our thought aren't His.... But they can be as long as we continue to seek Him with all of our heart.

OH... I tagged you... :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with jenn jenn but,I have become tired and feel my strength being challenged,weakened.My life is so uncertain,but I continue to praise God for what I do have.