Dec 27, 2007

Boys, boys, boys, means noise, noise, noise

Picture it ... my house ... 11:30am ...

Boys: Running, laughing, running, MORE laughing .. Declan walking REALLY fast ...
Me: Boys, please don't run in the house
Boys: Yes mam .. DeClan (ahhhh!)
10 minutes later ....
Me: I said, please don't run in the house
Boys: Yes mam, we heard you ..... DeClan (Yells!)
Noise: Clunk, thump
Me: Running through the house and I see Austin against the wall in his room, lying sideways against the tricycle ...
Me: Boys .. what was that noise?
Austin: Me ....
Me: What happened Austin?
Austin: I really need to stop runnin' in da house ....I hit da wall!
Me: Yes, Austin, let me kiss the booboo
Austin: Yes, mommy .. thank you
Ethan and DeClan are watching and come over a kiss mommy too ...

I wanted to scold, but instead I just held my boys ..

Whew .. no blood, no bandaids


Jenn Jenn said...

Oh boy. Can't wait for tomorrow !!!

Jenn Jenn

Rosheeda said...

Oh how ... fun? Ha! Kidding. You have the sweetest kids on earth, seriously.