Oct 19, 2007

Little Red Corvette

Oh my gosh .. did we have fun yesterday! Darrell took off work and we scooped the boys up, geared up for a road trip, got in the van and had a grand ole' bang up day! The weather was beautiful (God is into details) and we had a great day of laughter and fun. One of our stops was the auto show and the boys (all 4 of them) did not want to leave. This is the one time I did not mind being the only girl in the midst of my men.

Photo: Ethan and Austin

Warms my heart to see where Ethan is now and what we are able to do as a family now that his seizures have stopped and the surgery is over! We are not out of the woods, but so VERY far from 4 years ago.

Thank God from whom ALL blessings flow!

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