Oct 25, 2007

Ethan's surgery update ... God has good news!

Thank you to everyone who stands with us as we uncover what God is doing in Ethan's life! I just spoke w/ his surgeon and Ethan is doing WELL! The tumor fragments that were left after the surgery are dormant and not cancerous!!! Hallelujah! He will continue to have MRIs every three months and if the fragments start to do anything, they may consider radiation therapy to get rid of them. BUT AS FOR NOW .. they are not a concern. Ethan is also doing well in school 5 "A"s and 1 "B" and seems to be getting back A LOT of what he lost over the last 4 years. Anyway, just wanted to provide an update on the goodness of God and we say thank you, thank you, thank you. You will NEVER know what your prayers and support mean to our family.

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Rachel Anne said...

Yea! What a great report! I'm so happy for you and Ethan. You've got to be rejoicing!

4 A's and 1 B....smart boy. Smart Mama!!