Oct 16, 2007

Don't you EVER judge a book by it's cover ...

Today was a day from hades, starting from this morning when we ALL woke up at 7:15am and we ALL had an appointment at Ethan's school at 8:00am to reevaluate his learning, classes and the almighty TAKS test. We made the meeting on time, but I have to admit, I was NOT at my best ... appearance or contributions (I think) at this very important meeting ... BUT GOD allowed me to make it through with grace as well as the ability to stand up for my child!

When we got home, Austin cried and cried and wanted to be held ALL DAY because he has been constipated and DeClan cried and cried because he is teething .. and I have been battling w/ heartburn (never before I tell you, never before) can somebody say STOP!!!!! HELP ME!!!! Nothing went right today, NOTHING .. so I can I tell you that when I heard a few weeks ago that my friend Priscilla would be featured on Life Today with James and Betty Robinson and that I could go to the taping, you better know that NOTHING was gonna stop me, NOTHING! My yahoo mail reminded me of the taping tonight and I got everyone ready and off we went to daddy's job to drop off the kids so I could head to this very special taping. I wasn't taking no for an answer. I got lost, but asked God to help me find the studio because I needed to hear a word from HIM and I knew with Priscilla I would .. a few minutes later, I found the street, the studio and low and behold a great parking space!

And that's when God said Guess what???? .... I walked in the studio, read the taping schedule and saw that Priscilla was NOT on the schedule, but some guy who used to be in the band KORN....Who? I'm sorry, who did you say? I drove ALLLLL this way to see and hear from who?Then he came out for a second and this is what I saw ... Brian "Head" Welch.

DON'T Judge! When I tell you that he has one amazing story of how God is for us and not against us and that He loves us and loved us enough to die for our sins!!!!!!

So, I sat down in my seat and prepared myself for some boring interview, I'm serious, this is what I really thought, BUT GOD surprised me and before the end of the interview, I was balling my eyes out .. do you hear me? God is soooo good. If you know anyone who has never been to church, lives in the street, doesn't get the whole "church" thing, read his book and pass it on! God did a complete 180 for this my new brother in Christ and he is ready and willing to share his lifestory and what God did for him ... without witeout.

Anyway, Priscilla did in fact speak and God spoke through this child AGAIN and He spoke to me and said how could ever hear what God is trying to tell you, if you cannot recognize His voice? I need to roll up my sleeves, get on knees and get to know my Lord and Savior again and again so my ears, heart and mind will be clear and ready to hear from Him.

Thank you Lord for using ALL your children to proclaim Your word ... and I will try not to judge a book, just open and read the pages ... for when I do, I might just be missing something you want to say to me ... Thank you even for this crazy day .. because of how things went, I was able to be more open to what you had to say even though your message came in a unique package.

The other good thing that blessed my socks was finally meeting a blogsister in Christ .. Rachel Anne .. you WILL indeed be blessed by her blog ... pictures DON'T do you justice .. you are so pretty!

So what started out as a day I wanted to end around 8:30am bought me to my knees and provided MUCH conversation between me and God.

More on Priscilla later in the week ... I got hit right between the eyes ...

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Rachel Anne said...

Wow! What a day! It was SO GREAT to finally get to meet you! And you are so pretty in person, just gorgeous. Love your hair.

It was an unexpected blessing to hear Brian's testimony. It was incredible! And Priscilla is really anointed to preach the word. So good!

Your day turned out better than it started...hope you had a good one today.