Sep 3, 2009

Whose schooling who?

This is week two of homeschooling at our house and the oldest son (12) just KICKED MY butt in P.E., not to mention, he schooled me on his history lesson as well. The middle son (4) is wearing me out about when his classes are supposed to take place and when can he take a test and when can .. when can he .. when can he. It really is cute. The youngest (2) is not all that concerned about school just yet, but is all smiles when it is time for snacks, lunch and coloring his numbers (with a snack in hand.)

I am so glad we chose this option for our family. I cannot believe mama is learning so much and I am positive I will be signing up for online college classes next semester. This time I feel like I can complete the degree program and actually learn something. :)

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Anonymous said...

U R my greatest inspiration. God has given te gift of patience and U R Queen of Patience. I cannot tell U what it means to me to read about the things that U do with the Boys and still remain in one piece.

The Lord Bless you and keep U.The lift up His countenance upon U and give U peace. The Lord make His face to shine upon and be gracious unto U.AMEN God's blessings always, Auntie.