Sep 8, 2009

Potty Training 101 .. (promise no pictures)

DeClan decided he wants to potty train AGAIN, but this time is VERY different from the other three times. I am not sure when he decided it was in his best interest to try again, but this time seems to be the charm. He has gone so many times today, there is a trail from my office to his bathroom starting to show in the floor. Whoopie!

I had planned to start again in 2013 just before he entered kindergarten, because I keep hearing from great mommies " don't worry, he'll get it and besides, you never see kids in diapers in Kindergarten". Joking .. I am joking ..

All kidding aside, I decided to wait until his third birthday in November because that is when his older brother made his declaration that he was ready to wear Elmo undies and went on his own and never looked back, so I thought I would make it easier on me and wait.

I also said it would be nice to make one more road trip w/o a million bathroom breaks during a 12hr. trip, but I guess we will have to make different plans for Thanksgiving now. When I mentioned it to DH this morning, he just said uhuh and move on his merry way. The idea will sink in sometime this weekend. :)

I am glad though to hopefully say that last week was my last purchase of diapers and pullups. If all goes well, I'll have him in underwear w/i the next month and have a whopping $50.00 to add to the Christmas Club account.

oh and by the way, stock in M&Ms should go up, because that is the reward you get in this house when you "go potty"!

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