Sep 16, 2009

A new journey ...

I have been away for a few days because I have been trying to absorb the news that Ethan WILL have to have surgery again soon. His tumor fragments are filling in. We saw his neurosurgeon last week and the information hit us like a bolt of kryptonite. He has been doing well for the last 2 years and this visit was to get results from his MRI two weeks ago. We were hoping that they were going to tell us that Ethan would not have to have another MRI until 2010 and now this ....

still processing, BUT God IS good and on the throne. This news did NOT catch him off guard and He is caring for Ethan more than I can.

I am NOT sure how He will get the glory from this new turn of events, but it has certainly brought us to our knees once again .. thank God we had been praying and beseeching Him all along.

The hospital tumor board meets t0morrow and hopefully we will know something soon about when the surgery will take place.

If you think of Ethan, please pray for him.

Thank you.


She's So There said...

Praying. In these valleys we truly have the hardest time understanding God's direction, but pray we will for God to hold you, give you peace and comfort as he heals Ethan.
much love,

Christi said...

Praying for Ethan and your family!

Rosheeda said...

U know i'm praying!