Sep 3, 2008

Back to School ...

We, I mean Ethan started school last week and I thought by now he would have settled into a little routine by now. NOT!

DH takes Ethan to school each day (Praise the Lord) and our expectation was that he would be able to drop Ethan off starting this week. NOT!

DH has been at the school EVERY morning since last week, straightening something out. Lockers, combinations, PE clothes, checks, cash, glasses, spirals, instruments, lunch money, book loads, reviewing Ethan last 3 years in this school district and on and on and on. I will say I am glad my man was able to go to the school and "put Ethan's affairs in order" ... I don't think my point would have been made so easily with DeClan and Austin on each hip.

We didn't even buy school supplies until last Thursday night. Yes, you heard me ... last Thursday at 8:30pm I was in Office Depot going through 7 lists that I personally think could have been placed on the school's website over the summer .. or at least two weeks before school .. but who am I?

Ethan has books this year that start at $50.00 a piece .. so we've been getting notes coming home for us to approve his use of the books ... umm ... how else will he make his "A's?", yes, sir, he can use the books.

Anyway, this is the part of parenting I know my mom and dad did as well and I never heard them grumble or complain .. they just did it. So, I am going to stop complaining as soon as I finish this post :)

Is it me or can some of the paperwork we parents are filling out can be copied and all you need to do is just add the teacher's name and subject on the cover sheet? Why did we fill out the SAME 3 sheets of paper 21 times? hmmmmmm

OK, I am ranting and rambling .. I have one last form for "us" to fill out and then and then I am off ... but you already knew I didn't have all my marbles.

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