Sep 5, 2008

DeClan - closer to 2 or 22?

Our surprise blessing has continued to bless my days .. I cannot believe he will be 21 months soon ... My dad always said treasure each day with your children because one day they won't be kiddos anymore.
It seemed like just yesterday he entered into the world and now he is running, scolding his animals, laughing, playing, and making me laugh all the time.
Yesterday, he did something that made me laugh out loud and then he turned around and said ... "Mommy, I funny?" .. I laughed for another 2 minutes.
He is so full of words ... snack, ice, cheese, nanas, rarri - ferrari, please, toes, feet, kitchen, outside, outside, van, helmet, football, baseball, ice cream, donut (uh oh), hurt, beyonee - bologna, hot dog, Noggin, Barney, Mickey, Minnie, chicken, car ... he can say his first, middle and last name when you ask him what his name is .... just to name a few ... and he plays basketball and football like a 3 year old .. he's got quite a arm!!!
He is really trying to keep up with his big brothers (11 & 3) .. it is so cute ...
I'll look back on this post in a few months and say wow ..... I am truly blessed and grateful to be his mom.

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Shannon said...

Too cute!!

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