Sep 24, 2008

He doesn't do it like I do ...

Kids and Meals - Not like me
Baths - Not like me
Visits to the school to talk w/ the staff - not like me
Homework - Not like me
Discipline - Not like me
Balancing the checkbook - whoa, not like me
Housecleaning - not like me
Washing clothes - not like me ....

But when it is all said and done .. my husband did it!

There was no blood and no whining! We had good food to eat (bacon and eggs), clean kids (boys, whew!), the homework was completed and it was correct, children who fell in line at the sound of his voice (at least for now), 2.00 in the bank (thank God, not negative!), a clean house (for at least the next 30 minutes), and clean clothes (even though it took 10 loads instead of 5).

No, it may not have been the way, I DO IT , but you know what? I don't even care ... my husband has helped me in more ways than I could ever express with my duties around here and for that he gets a ...

singing .. Go Dh, it's your birthday, go Dh, it's your birthday and a big ole kiss from me and a public thank you!!!!! .. I need to say thank you more to him.


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Sandhya Papineau (in Toronto, Canada) said...

You're so sweet.

I know exactly what you mean ... everything my husband does takes twice as long and something always gets broken, but I am soooo grateful.