Apr 11, 2008

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BigMama is hosting Fashion Fiesta this weekend and ooooh, what timing for me! A few months back I posted a question on the Mom's Friendship Circle I belong to and I said ..

"Ok ladies. Imagine my surprise when I had to attend a meeting yesterday and
spent an hour and half trying to find the "right" thing to wear. I need some
help! I have my "standard" church attire (so easy to do in the winter, skirt,
top and jacket , but help me when it gets warm) and I was pregnant from 2003
until 2006 ... so you know what that means .... maternity outfits, nursing
outfits, maternity outfits, nursing outfits ... and now ... sweats. I cannot
remember the last time I had more than 1 outfit that was "in style". Shopping
.. well that hadn't happened since Clinton was in office ... Ok early eldest Bush ...

I need some ideas for cute and casual, but acceptable when I have to meet with
Ethan's teachers, meet you guys at Starbucks, go out on a date with my
husband in the "light".

What IS the look right now? I keep seeing BIG belts again, chunky jewelry,
wedges, wide leg pants, but I do not know how to put a good look together right
now .. oh and did I mention I am a little overweight and chunky myself?


I am not sure what happened, because before I became a SAHM, I always looked like this. Although I didn't always stand quite like that. Just when I had to make a presentation.

So from this email, I was blessed with some time with this wonderful lady! I was blessed with a gift which included personal shopping and MANY consultations. Did you hear me? Personal shopping! More on that in a minute.

Since I have come home most days look like this with a pair of sweats or jeans if I have to get out of the car. You must admit, it is soo easy. In the summer, it is capris, capris, capris with more of these.

I always try to look presentable, but what happens when D wants to go out? I got nothing. So when Avis called and told me what blessing had been bestowed upon me, I was scared AND thrilled at the same time.

I sent her an email with my height, weight, likes and dislikes and she went shopping and came up with this, this and this. Things I would have NEVER picked for myself, things I have seen on the internet, but would keep on clicking and things that I would always say looked good on someone else.

I tried the items she chose for me and loved all but one blouse because it wasn't my color. I needed items to minimize the "girls" and provide some height for my 60 inch self (hey 60 inches sounds better than 5'0") and every item she purchased provided what I needed.

The cool thing is, Avis did NOT go shopping at any the stores listed, she shopped at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Two stores I have no patience for, but might have to take a second look in the one moment I have without my boys ... when o when will that be? Call her, you NEVER know what she will be able to do for you. I am saving up for some more consult time.

Anyway, before I go, I must show you these and these. I absolutely heart both pair and since I have a birthday next week .. a BIG birthday ... they better be under the birthday cupcakes .. even if it is in photo form. (There is no way I would buy these or accept them as a gift) I can think of a million meals I can make with that kinda dough. Unless, I can get them at TJMaxx, I hear that is where Coach sends their purses and shoes at the end of each season.

Have a great weekend ya'll! For more fashion tips, do's and don'ts or just plain ole fashion talk go check out BigMama's blog.


Leigh said...

I enjoyed stopping by! I hope you can drop in on my fashion fiesta!

Keetha said...

Hasn't this fashion fiesta been a great lot of fun?

Faith said...

Thanks for stopping by! The Coach wedge heels are awesome! I have seen some Coach sneakers before at TJ Maxx. It might be worth checking out!