Dec 30, 2009

Break Dancing

So it decided to snow on Christmas Eve and it was a sight to behold. Before we knew it there was ice and snow on the streets and it was a great present for Christmas and the reindeer finally felt like they were home. :)

Then yesterday, it started all over again and the boys couldn't have been more excited. They went outside and tried to catch snowflakes on their tongues and "snowsliding" in the grass.

Well, at least 2 of them, my middle child preferred to watch it from the porch. He said he didn't want to get wet & sticky. Imagine that.

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Amy Wyatt said...

I haven't blogged in forever except for TSMS. Like you said, Life happens. I love all your pics. Hope you all had a great holiday season. Hoping to get back into the loop this year. Take care. Still think of my bloggy friends and pray for them often, including your family and Ethan.