Oct 27, 2008


Early voting is underway in a lot of states and all I have to say is VOTE. I am not going to preach about how important this election is for our country and I am NOT going to tell you who to vote for, but I will say PRAY before you do and then PRAY again afterwards. If you haven't voted yet, FORGET THE POLLS, PUNDITS, and PEOPLE ... PRAY and VOTE.

One thing I do, but not as much as I should is PRAY for our leaders. From the President to Congress to my State, county AND city officials. Not just on election day, National Prayer Day or when there is a tragedy facing our country. I need to make it a priority because there are some "special" people making decisions for me and for my family. (I don't mean that in a good way)

There are some issues that are very personal to me (babies, marriages, finances, oversight, my children's futures, peace, war), issues I committed to prayer before I cast my ballot. I had to make sure I had peace regarding MY decisions, not just because friends and family expected me to vote a certain way.

No matter who wins next week, he WILL need prayer throughout his term. I see that as my responsibility as a child of the most high God. Even if the man I voted for doesn't win, I still MUST pray. That is the VERY least I can do. Just because the election will be over, doesn't mean the issues all get solved overnight. (nor will they in 4 years, but we HAVE to start somewhere)

and yes .. I voted Sunday ... after church, after time w/ God, after I carefully considered the candidates on my ballot (all levels and a proposition) ...

In the end I am NOT worried, but wanted to be a responsible adult. I fully and completely TRUST GOD! He has never left me nor forsaken me and even after November 4th, I know He NEVER will.

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