Oct 21, 2008

My list has grown and I see no end in sight ....

.... with the things in my life ... school meetings, PTA (how did I become the treasurer?), homework, ministry meetings, grocery shopping, bible study, meals for families from church, work from home, family, church, homecomings, homegoings, and on and on. These ARE things that are important and must be tended to ... but I need to learn to balance and I need to learn to say "no". That is a hard word for me sometimes ....

First and foremost no matter how long the list, I need to get up each morning and thank God and ask Him how can I be used by Him for each day He gives me.

oh .. and in my buZIness, God gave me some time by myself this evening and I was able to spend some time with 4 lovely ladies ... THANK YOU Lord for this blessing!

Ok, so there were 199 other people at the gathering, but it was a closeknit group and God continued the thread He started with me this weekend.
Let GO and let God and let Him do what He does best ... take care of things!
God does not want us to just get through the things in our lives, but He wants us go through our lives with Him on the inside of us.
The Hebrews boys were NOT delivered from the fire, but IN the fire with God right there!


Musings of a Housewife said...

I needed to hear this tonight. THANK YOU! :-) And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I tried to reply to you by email but it came back to me.

Susan said...

We got some great news today!! Thanks so much for your prayers.

Praying for your scans too! Keep me posted~

Liz said...

Lovely post, lovely thoughts.