Jul 5, 2008

God Bless America!

My family continues to pray for our country and the men and women who are serving in the military fighting for us.
We praise God for allowing us to live in the US as we celebrate the ultimate freedom in Jesus who died for us and the freedoms God allows us to have in this country!
I have always loved this song and wanted to share it with you this weekend.
Lee Greenwood - God Bless the USA!


Peggy said...

Jai...Bless you sweet heart and
your song by Lee Greenwood, we need to BE proud to be American, but that is getting more and more difficult...thank God we have a
beautiful Freedom in Him wherever we are and can pledge our allegiance to HIM but God Bless America & you! I read your very touching post below this first about your precious daughter, Denham...the ruby in your crown as well as HIS! I'm sure this is still a difficult time for you to go through...I pray that you truly are able to grieve such a tender loss and find joy & peace that Our Savior is holding her in His Arms til you can join her...you have other blessings but nothing takes the place of another one, but try to hold on how much they need to continue their lives in happiness and celebration during this time!
So for them, let go of Denham and LET GOD do what He does best...He loves you, your 4 & your hubby!
May you find a peace that passes this understanding & heal that hole that's keeping your heart from being whole again! Though I think you did very well in sharing her memory with us! Have you read Bring the Rain...about Audrey Caroline, daughter of Angie & Todd Smith (from Selah)(Christian group). She & her sister-in-law just lost their babies this year and they share their pain...

May God bless America, your family
and YOU!!! BIG HUG in Christ's LOVE, Peggy Eph. 1:16

Cristine said...

Great song choice. Very patriotic. Thanks for sharing!