Jul 8, 2013

Is this thing still on?

My, my, my .... I love, love blogging, but somewhere in the last few months LIFE took over. Friends passing on to be face to face with our Father in Heaven, church conferences, school ending, summer trip already completed, etc. etc. I am going to try and get back on the ole bike and write a few posts each week.

I like to write down my thoughts and have some built in memories for my family, but especially for my boys who as crazy as it sounds, they like to "visit" my blog, look at old pictures, read the "happenings" in our family and take it all in and walk down memory lane.

We have had a full summer and I can't believe school is exactly 4 weeks away!!! We visited the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, visited family in Kentucky, ate Cajun food in Louisiana and once back home RESTED, RESTED, RESTED.

I love that my boys are home and  that I have had the time to stop and chat with each of them, cooked for them (While teaching them a few things), showed the how to load the dishwasher, clean the bathrooms and yes I know ... I will slowly begin to miss them as we start the preparation for the next school year. Time waits for no one.

What I don't want to happen is have these summer days go by while I am home with them and DO NOTHING. Make no impact at all. Which actually could be very easy to do. Let them wake up late, have some cereal and sandwiches and send them off to their rooms for a video game marathon. You  know more than just a lazy day. I am learning I have to be INTENTIONAL with my moments with them and you have to admit, sometimes it takes EFFORT. But what do I want them to remember about their mom? That I cooked, cleaned and drove them around? Or that while I drove them around, we played, prayed, talked and that I was genuinely interested in what they had to say and what they were thinking and that their mom had time for them.

These aren't just summer days .. these are their lives. This is my life. There aren't as they say any "do overs" for the time and the lessons I have taught and will continue to share with them.

Pretty sure I am all over the map today ... lots going on in my head. Thankful that God gives us new days ... so even if I have fallen off the horse and what and when I share with them .. I can start fresh and I can start right now.

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