Apr 6, 2012

What Jesus did ....

Besides Christmas, Easter is one of the most glorious days in my Christian life. I LOVE Christmas and adore Easter, but as I age, have begun to appreciate even more what God did for me and for YOU. When I sit back and think that Jesus was born to die. He died for me. He took my sin. He hung on a cross. FOR ME. I shutter inside just thinking about it.

The life God gives us is not a dress rehersal .. this is it. Jesus was born for a purpose, he died for a purpose. So we could live forever WITH God. But while I am on earth, I want to fulfill my purpose, do the job God wants me to do, be the woman, wife and mom He wants me to be. Fulfill my purpose. Living out my thank you to Jesus for loving me enough to do what he did.

If you don't know Jesus, have questions, want to know more, do not want to be judged because you don't know where to go, what to do - you can start here.  http://needhim.org/

God Bless you - I pray that you can come to know Him and what He did for me and YES even for you!


Mrs. Williams said...

Just stoping by your blog and wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...
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