Jul 10, 2011

Vacation 2011Day One, The drive

As usual we did not leave when we said, but we were completely packed the night before we were scheduled to leave....which in of itself was a HUGE accomplishment. It probably also helped that we have had the suitcases out and ready to fill since July 4th. :)

For once we decided to ENJOY the rest and enjoy the 12hr ride, so we decided to leave a day late. That way no driver would be too tired or get too tired only 2 hours after driving.

D loaded up the car and kept saying, "did we pack everything?" I said yes, a million times and was so glad we didn't pack every single item of clothing we owned. I am not sure what the difference is between this summer & last, but alas everybody had something to wear & toothbrushes were packed, so in the end, that's all that matters.

After washing the last of the breakfast dishes and mopping the kitchen floor (I love to come home to clean kitchen), we got in the car and headed off for vacation. 15 minutes into the trip, I said, hum, did I turn off the oven? You know where this is going right? Yes, we turned around to go back and check. Good thing we did .. the oven was off, but my favorite dress and hubby's shorts had NOT made it into the suitcase! That would have been a disaster!

Armed with our outfits I tiptoed back through the kitchen and hopped in the car. Off we zoomed. BUT WAIT, did the garage go all the way down? Yes, we turned around. Yes, down. GO now!

As we drove off for the third time, daddy noticed a light was out on the house and yes, we turned around AGAIN so daddy could repair the light.

Ok, now are we ready to go?

We made it safely down the road; then after an hour had to stop for a break. After that is really was smooth sailing.

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