Feb 1, 2011

Snow or Should say ICE Day

I am so thankful for a mandatory break in my schedule.

We have 3 inches of ice and some very restless boys on my hand.

They are bored, they are hungry, they want to play video games, they want to do whatever they want to do ALL DAY LONG and you know what .. they just might get their way.

It has been a busy two weeks and I must say I am glad God let it snow and sleet a little bit so we could stay home, relax, and REST!

Hubby's home too, so it is especially nice. I let the boys go outside this morning and I think they were out there for maybe 5 minutes. I knew that would happen. Weathermen say it is a whopping 18 degrees and will be a good 2 by tonight. I don't I have ever seen temps that low in my life ... on tv .. yes, right in front of me .. NO ...

This day is also building memories for the boys. I remember my days out of school. They were fun and filled with food. As long as we don't have to venture out .. we are good.

Praying for another one of these lazy days again tomorrow. :)

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