Jul 21, 2009

The Protection of God

I had just finished praying with the kids this morning about many things, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray about protection and my alertness on the rainy roads.

Not more than 15 minutes later, I was faced with an SUV facing me head on. I veered off the road and into someone's yard to avoid the crash. I then moved my car and parked on a quiet street to gain my composure and shake... my hands were shaking because all I could think was did that just really happen and THANK GOD .... you saved me and my kids today.

I called my husband who said he had JUST prayed for protection for us .. possibly just as the lady was coming around the corner or as I was swerving off the road.

After I got it together, I drove back to where she was and that is when I saw she had hit a tree and landed against someone's chain link fence. She IS ok, her car .. not so much. Neighbors called police and they were on their way.

I gave her my card in case she needed it later and was glad she was ok.

When the Holy Spirit says pray .. PRAY!

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