Jun 10, 2010

Even still .....

My computer crashed about 8 days, 53 minutes & 30 seconds ago and we have tried, tried, tried to get it back up .. to NO avail ....Even w/ the handy help of the customer service reps @ several well know computer companies. But who is counting? Certainly NOT me! :)

My van needed $600.00 worth of repairs ... & even after it was repaired, our other car "conked" out. We are a 1 car family now .. whohoo

Some $$$ I expected didn't arrive ...

This summer is starting with a BANG!

We are also STILL doing school because Ethan missed three weeks after his surgery in February and he is NOT happy.

BUT .. I have spent WONDERFUL amounts of time with my family, we attended the BEST VBS @ our church in 21 years, hubby & I have had more meaningful conversations than we've had in a long time ... we've learned a few new frugal lessons, we've baked lots new goodies, found a few FREE events & kiddo things to do (that will become a part of our weekly plans) and now I am planning out each day for the rest of the summer so my children can have "the best summer ever".

They are unaware of most of the lovely things going on around here .. except the cars, but they think it is fun to take daddy to work & hang out & talk w/ him in the car until he gets out @ his company and walk to places on the days daddy has the car.

With all that has gone on, I still believe that God has NOT left us .. He has held us in the palm of His hand. He has continued to provide for us & will continue to provide even past these "funny money" days for us this summer. I don't know how our ends will meet, but I'm not going to start doubting him now. There are a cloud of witnesses that have gone before me in the bible and in my own family ... He is a waymaker.

He IS Jehovah - Jireh

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