Feb 16, 2010

This ole blog o mine ..

I really do enjoy this blog, but have had to be neglectful in the last month. As we prepared for my son's surgery, things around us seemed to have fallen apart. I don't mean fallen apart as in we have no hope, but fallen apart as in schedules are broken, squirrels invading, and every last one of my modern maids going out on strike. First it was the washing machine, then the boys bathroom porcelain throne, then the dryer and two days later .. the dishwasher.

It has been so much easier to TWEET about the goings on of life, because my FB account is connected to my twitter account, so all I have to do is send a 140 character message about this life I live and all bases are covered. :)

But then there are so MANY things I have wanted to say and photos I wanted to add - - I have quiet a few "drafts", but have been able to complete any of them.

So I said all that to say to any of you who stop by or have stuck around (I am so sure I am speaking to all 2 of us) .. I will be back.

My son's surgery (both of them) went extremely well and I plan to blog about the two weeks we spent in the hospital, what God did for son #1 and a whole LOT of things I observed these first weeks of February. It was a lot and sometimes more than I can bear.

I also plan to blog about this teenager who mysteriously appeared at our house this weekend and how I plan to deal with him. It seems like OVERNIGHT ... OVERNIGHT .. the 13yr. genes kicked in and have exploded all over the place. HELP ME!

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